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Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

Workers who lose their jobs or have their hours or wages reduced because of foreign trade may be eligible for trade benefits under the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), and Trade Readjustment Allowances programs.

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Who can file for trade benefits?

Your company, a group of three or more workers, the union, or an authorized representative can file the request, called a petition, to the USDOL. Contact the CareerCenter or the Trade Act Coordinator at 1-888-457-8883 or TTY users call Maine Relay 711 for more information. They will help you fill out the paperwork to apply for certification under the program.

Who determines if I qualify for Trade Assistance?

When a layoff or work reduction occurs, the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) will determine if your company was impacted by foreign trade. If your company is certified, you and your co-workers may apply for trade benefits.

Apply for Trade Act eligibility by completing the TRA-26 form. This form is provided at trade information sessions, at the CareerCenter, or by mail by calling 1-866-628-4282. After submitting the TRA-26 form your TRA eligibility determination will be mailed to you.

What program services are available?

If you apply for trade benefits, you may benefit from one or more of these services:

  • Employment services providing counseling, assessment, and job placement assistance
  • Training benefits in approved training programs, including paid tuition and some training expenses if the training is outside your normal commuting area
  • Job Search and Relocation Allowances for travel expenses to job interviews and relocation expenses for jobs outside your local area
  • Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) or Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) - a wage subsidy program for people who are 50 years old at the time of reemployment

Learn more

To find out more about the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, contact your local CareerCenter.

To speak with the Trade Act coordinator, call 207-623-7981 or 1-888-457-8883; TTY users call Maine Relay 711.