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Maine Hire-A-Vet Campaign 2023

Thank you to all the employers and resource providers who participated in 2023 Maine Hire-A-Vet Campaign.  Whether you attended one or multiple events, your involvement emphasizes that you not only recognize the benefits of hiring Veterans but also put that same emphasis into your recruitment efforts.  Here are some preliminary outcomes to share so far:

  • 270 Employers Participated
  • 51 Resource Providers Participated
  • 182 Veteran Job Seekers Attended
  • 339 Non-Veteran Job Seekers Attended
  • 56 FREE Haircuts were provided compliments of Sport Clips

While final outcomes are still being recorded, make sure you take some time to report your Veteran hires:

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for taking part in helping get our Veterans and military service community hired. 

And remember, Hire the Right Veteran…for the Right Job…Right Now!


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